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Clicker Bath Waste Plug 40mm 1.5" Combination Click Clack Overflow (Black)

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Clicker Bath Waste Plug 40mm 1.5" Combination Click Clack Overflow (Black)

Brand new, premium quality clicker bath waste overflow plug in black. This stylish and luxurious combination system features a discreet and sleek plug operated by pressing and releasing the centre to open and close the waste.

40mm / 1.5" (BSP) Pipe Connection
Flange: 70mm
Flange Style: Chrome Plated Brass
Black Powder Coated Brass Clicker Plug
Overflow Style: Black Powder Coated Brass
Flexible Overflow Pipe

Installation Instructions (see images for corresponding letters):

1. Check and familiarise yourself with all the components.

2. Take the main body of the waste (F,G,H) to the bath, ensuring washers (E) and (I) are in place ready for installation.

3. Locate the overflow body (H) centrally at the rear of the bath overflow hole, ensuring flat washer (I) is flush with the wall of the bath.

4. Take the chromed overflow cover (K) and foam washer (J) and screw into the thread inside the overflow body (H). Before fully tightened minor adjustments can be made to ensure overflow is central. Please do not over tighten or use excessive pressure on the wing nut.

5. To secure to the waste outlet on the bath, place the silicone seal (D) to the underside of the chrome waste (C), and place into position at the waste hole on the inside of the bath. Locate the waste body (F) on the underside of this hole ensuring the rubber washer (E) is flush with the underside of the bath. Now everything is in place rotate the chrome waste (C) clockwise into the waste body (F) and tighten, being careful not to damage the plated finish. Please do not over tighten.

6. At this point check that the overflow (G) is not bent or kinked.

7. Check the function of the ‘clic clac’ waste (A,B) ensuring it opens and closes freely.

8. To check all joints fill the bath with water and inspect for any leaks. We advise doing this in stages starting with a small amount of water, before fully filling bath.