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Carbon Charcoal Filter for BOSCH Cooker Hoods/Kitchen Vents DKE (Pack of 2)

Carbon Charcoal Filter for BOSCH Cooker Hoods/Kitchen Vents (Pack of 2)

2 x Premium quality charcoal carbon filters compatible with Bosch Kitchen Vent / Cooker Hoods

Fits models:


DKE135BGB/01, DKE625B/01, DKE632A/01, DKE632A/03, DKE632A/05, DKE632A/06, DKE632A/07, DKE632A/08, DKE633A/01, DKE633A/02, DKE633A/03, DKE633A01, DKE633A03, DKE635A/01, DKE635A/03, DKE635A/04, DKE635A/05, DKE635A/06, DKE635A/07, DKE635AAU/01, DKE635AAU/02, DKE635AAU/03, DKE635ABR/01, DKE635ABR/02, DKE635ABR/03, DKE635AGB/01, DKE635AGB/03, DKE635AGB/04, DKE635AGB/05, DKE635AGB/06, DKE635AGB/07, DKE635AGB/08, DKE635AGB/09, DKE635ASD/01, DKE635ASD/03, DKE635ASD/04, DKE635ASD/05, DKE635ASD/06, DKE635ASD/07, DKE635B/01, DKE635B/02, DKE635BGB/01, DKE635CBR/01, DKE635EEU/01, DKE635EEU/03, DKE636A/01, DKE636A/03, DKE636A/05, DKE636A/06, DKE636A/07, DKE636BGB/01, DKE735A/01, DKE735A/02, DKE735A/03, DKE735AGB/01, DKE735AGB/02, DKE735AGB/03, DKE735AGB/04, DKE735B/01, DKE735B/02, DKE735BGB/01, DKE925B/01, DKE925BGB/01, DKE932A/01, DKE932A/03, DKE932A/04, DKE932A/05, DKE932A/06, DKE932A/07, DKE935A/01, DKE935A/03, DKE935A/04, DKE935A/05, DKE935A/06, DKE935AAU/01, DKE935AAU/03, DKE935AAU/04, DKE935AAU/05, DKE935AAU/06, DKE935ABR/01, DKE935AGB/01, DKE935AGB/03, DKE935AGB/04, DKE935AGB/05, DKE935AGB/06, DKE935AGB/07, DKE935B/01, DKE935BGB/01, DKE935CBR/01, DKE935EEU/01, DKE935EEU/03, DKE935EEU/05, DKE936A/01, DKE936A/03, DKE936A/04, DKE936A/05, DKE936A/06, DKE936B/01, DKE936BGB/01, DKE936N/06

This product is designed to be compatible with Bosch machines and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.