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Brush Head for Dyson V7 V8 V10 V11 V15 Animal Torque Direct Drive Motorhead 968266-02 968266-04 967483-03 967483-04 967483-05

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High Torque Multi-Floor Turbine Brush Head for Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Brand new, high torque roller brush head compatible with Dyson vacuum cleaners. This tried and tested brush head includes a hard wearing stiff bristle floor tool - proven to deep clean on all surface types, bringing you stunning, spotless cleaning results. Powers through dust and grime on BOTH hard flooring and carpeted surfaces. 

Product Features:
Suitable for ALL floor surface types including hard floor, rugs, carpets, tiles, vinyl, mats, laminates & much more...
Thicker, longer harder wearing brushes for more effective cleaning
Deep cleans on BOTH carpets and hard floor surfaces
Brushes positioned to maximise contact with your flooring (no gaps)
Furniture protecting fabric bumper strip
Tested on a wide variety of vacuums (see fitment list below)
Low Open Front design - no kick-back of dust & debris

Replacement for OEM Motorhead floor tools: 968266-02, 968266-04, 967483-03, 967483-04, 967483-05

1100+ R.P.M. average** - with higher RPM's for the most powerful series on highest power settings. 
**RPM will depend on your vacuum’s max power capacity, battery charge levels, motor condition and selected power setting*

Fits models:

Compatible with Dyson:
V7 SV11 Absolute UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ye 317729-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Yellow) 317729-01
V7 SV11 Animal + UK/IE SPu/Ir/Pu (351974-01) (Sprayed Purple/Iron/Purple) 351974-01
V7 SV11 Animal Extra UK/IE SPu/Ir/Pu 351975-01 (Sprayed Purple/Iron/Purple) 351975-01
V7 SV11 Animal UK/IE SNk/Ir/Pu (344721-01) (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Purple) 344721-01
V7 SV11 Motorhead Extra UK/IE SBu/Ir/Bu 271649-01 (Iron/Sprayed Blue/Blue) 271649-01
V7 SV11 Motorhead Extra UK/IE SBu/Ir/Bu 346601-01 (Sprayed Blue/Iron/Blue) 346601-01
V7 SV11 Motorhead Plus UK/IE SBu/Ir/Bu 330294-01 (Sprayed Blue/Iron/Iron) 330294-01
V7 SV11 Total Clean UK SNk/Ir/Rd 342944-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Red) 342944-01

V8 SV10 Animal + UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ir 324035-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Iron) 324035-01
V8 SV10 Animal Complete UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ti 286029-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Titanium) 286029-01
V8 SV10 Animal Extra UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ir 330307-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Iron) 330307-01
V8 SV10 Animal UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ir 298761-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Iron) 298761-01
V8 SV10 Animal UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ir B CV  298761-04 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Iron) 298761-04
V8 SV25 Extra UK/IE/SA/AE SSv/Sv/Rd 400399-01 (Sprayed Silver/Silver/Red) 400399-01
V8 SV25 Extra UK/IE/SA/AE SSv/Sv/Rd B  400399-02 (Sprayed Silver/Silver/Red) 400399-02
V8 SV25 Origin UK/IE/SA/AE SSv/Sv/Pu 400398-01 (Sprayed Silver/Silver/Purple) 400398-01
V8 SV25 Origin UK/IE/SA/AE SSv/Sv/Pu B 400398-02 (Sprayed Silver/Silver/Purple) 400398-02
V8 SV25 TC UK/IE SNk/Ir/Bk 443094-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Black) 443094-01
V8 SV25 TC UK/IE SNk/Ir/Bk B 443094-02 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Black) 443094-02 
V8 SV25 UK/IE SSIL/SIL/NK B (447026-02) (Sprayed Silver/Silver/Nickel) 447026-02
V8 SV25 UK/IE/SA/AE SSil/Sil/Nk 447026-01 (Sprayed Silver/Silver/Nickel) 447026-01
V8 SV25 UK/IE/SA/AE SSv/Sv/Nk 400396-01 (Sprayed Silver/Silver/Nickel) 400396-01
V8 SV25 UK/IE/SA/AE SSv/Sv/Nk B 400396-02 (Sprayed Silver/Silver/Nickel) 400396-02

V10 SV12 Animal Extra UK SNk/Ir/Fu 385631-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Fuchsia) 385631-01 
V10 SV12 Animal Extra UK/IE SNk/Ir/Fu 357197-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Fuschia) 357197-01
V10 SV12 Animal UK/CN Pur/Ir/Pur(385272-01) (Iron/Sprayed Purple/Purple) 385272-01
V10 SV12 Animal UK/IE SPu/Ir/Pu(226364-01) (Iron/Sprayed Purple/Purple) 226364-01
V10 SV12 Total Clean UK/IE SRd/Ir/Rd(346596-01) (Sprayed Red/Iron/Red) 346596-01
V10 SV27 Extra UK/IE SNk/Ir/Fu B CV 394490-04 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Fuschia) 394490-04
V10 SV27 Extra UK/IE/SA/AE SNk/Ir/Fu 394490-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Fuschia) 394490-01
V10 SV27 Total Clean UK/IE SNk/Ir/Bk 443096-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Black) 443096-01
V10 SV27 TOTAL CLEAN UK/IE SNK/IR/BK B (443096-02) (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Black) 443096-02
V10 SV27 UK/IE/SA/AE SRdIr/Rd 394489-01 (Sprayed Red/Iron/Red) 394489-01

V11 SV14 Absolute Extra UK Ir/SNk/Rd 269054-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Red) 269054-01
V11 SV14 Absolute UK Ir/SGd/Gd (281477-01) (Iron/Sprayed Gold/Gold) 281477-01
V11 SV14 Absolute UK Ir/SNk/Bu (269232-01) (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Blue) 269232-01
V11 SV14 Animal + UK Ir/SNk/Pu (292723-01) (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Purple) 292723-01
V11 SV14 Animal UK Ir/SNk/Pu 268804-01 (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Purple) 268804-01
V11 SV15 Absolute + UK/IE SNk/Ir/Bu (344747-01) (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Blue) 344747-01
V11 SV15 Absolute UK/IE SGd/Ir/Gd B (344740-02) (Sprayed Gold/Iron/Gold) 344740-02
V11 SV15 Absolute UK/IE SNk/Ir/Bu B (298793-04)  (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Blue) 298793-04
V11 SV15 Absolute UK/IE/MEA SNk/Ir/Bu (298793-01) (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Blue) 298793-01
V11 SV15 Animal UK/IE SCo/Ir/Co (344739-01) (Sprayed Copper/Iron/Copper) 344739-01
V11 SV15 Animal UK/IE SNk/Ir/Pu (344731-01) (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Purple) 344731-01
V11 SV15 ANIMAL UK/IE SNK/IR/PU B CV (344731-04) (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Purple) 344731-04
V11 SV15 Torque Drive UK/IE SNk/Ir/Ir (351950-01) (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Iron) 351950-01
V11 SV16 Outsize UK/IE SNk/Ir/Rd (386474-01) (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Red) 386474-01
V11 SV28 Abs Extra UK/IE/SA/AE SNk/Ir/Rd 419648-01 (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Red) 419648-01
V11 SV28 Absolute

V15 SV22 Detect + UK&IE SNk/Ir/Bk (443092-01) (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Black) 443092-01
V15 SV22 Detect + UK&IE SNk/Ir/Bk (443092-02) (Sprayed Nickel/Iron/Black) 443092-02
V15 SV22 Detect Plus UK&IE QVC SBu/Ir/Nk 443082-01 (Sprayed Blue/Iron/Nickel) 443082-01
V15 SV22 Detect UK/IE SNk/Ir/Nk (443100-01) (Sprayed Nickel/ Iron/ Nickel) 443100-01
V15 SV22 Detect UK/IE SNk/Ir/Nk (443100-02)  (Sprayed Nickel/ Iron/ Nickel) 443100-02
V15 SV22 DT Abs UK/IE/SA/AE SYe/Ir/Nk 369372-01 (Sprayed Yellow/Iron/Nickel) 369372-01
V15 SV22 DT Abs UK/IE/SA/AE SYe/Ir/Nk 394472-01 (Sprayed Yellow/Iron/Nickel) 394472-01
V15 SV22 DT Abs UK/IE/SA/AE SYe/Ir/Nk B 394472-02 (Sprayed Yellow/Iron/Nickel) 394472-02
V15 SV22 DT Abs+ UK/IE/SA/AE SGd/Ir/Gd 394479-01 (Sprayed Gold/Iron/Gold) 394479-01
V15 SV22 DT Abs+ UK/IE/SA/AE SGd/Ir/Gd B 394479-02 (Sprayed Gold/Iron/Gold) 394479-02
V15 SV22 DT Animal UK/IE/SA/AE SBu/Ir/Nk 369366-01 (Sprayed Blue/Iron/Nickel) 369366-01
V15 SV22 DT Animal UK/IE/SA/AE SGd/Ir/Gd 369387-01 (Sprayed Gold/Iron/Gold) 369387-01
V15 SV22 DT Animal UK/IE/SA/AE SGd/Ir/Gd 369387-04 (Sprayed Gold/Iron/Gold) 369387-04
V15 SV22 DT Complete UK&IE SGd/Ir/Gd (369393-01) (Sprayed Gold/Iron/Gold) 369393-01
V15 SV22 DT Extra UK/IE/SA/AE PBu/Ir/BCo 436160-01 (Prussian Blue/Iron/Bright Copper) 436160-01
V15 SV22 DT Plus UK&IE QVC SBu/Ir/Nk B (443082-02) (Sprayed Blue/Iron/Nickel) 443082-02

***Please note - will only fit these specific models above. Will Not Fit any other models.***

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul Whitworth
Better than the original.

Our Dyson V7 needed different heads for different surfaces, hard/soft, this product does both and saves all the swapping about.

Lynne Wade
Same as original fast delivery

Good replacement

Dyson Brush Head replacement

A quick service with the required part at a reasonable price too.

Ian Patterson
Made a big difference.

We needed it in any case as our clips had broken but it has drastically improved performance albeit a bit slick moving on hard floors. We'll worth it and fast delivery