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Boiler Terminal Guard Flue Non-Condensing Oil Rectangular JS500 11 x 11 x 10.5"

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Universal Rectangular Terminal Guard - JS Coated for Non-condensing and Oil Boilers

Brand new, premium quality compatible terminal guard for non-condensing and oil boilers.

Width: 11" (280mm)
Length: 11" (280mm)
Depth: 10.5" (270mm)

It is quite easy to set up; simply place the guard over the flue terminal to prevent anyone from coming into contact with it. To tighten the guard, just insert four screws into the provided slots.

This rectangular terminal guard has JS 500 automotive-grade finishing placed on top of the normal Electro-zinc plate and passivate the surface, coating is an extra layer of defence, which helps resist the corrosive effects of non-condensing oil boiler exhaust gases. It is only appropriate for conventional (non-condensing) oil boiler flues. This product will corrode fast if installed in a condensing boiler flue due to the corrosive effects of condensate in the exhaust gases.

Building standards, BS5440-1:2008 (section 9.2.1) Where persons could come into contact with the terminal…. A protective guard shall be used. The guard shall be fitted such that no part of the guard is less than 50mm from any part of the terminal….. a suitable guard should be provided whenever a terminal if fitted less than 2.1m above ground, a balcony or a flat roof to which people have access. (For plume management kits)….. Where the inlet is less than 2.0m above ground level, a balcony or a flat roof a protective guard shall be used.

It is extensively defined and used by British Gas.