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BBQ Mat Teflon Gas Grill Charcoal Non-Stick Food Reusable Large Universal x 2

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SPARES2GO BBQ Mat Teflon Gas Grill Charcoal Non Stick Food Reusable Large Universal x 2

This durable BBQ mat is a must-have for any outdoor grill. Made from high-quality non-stick material, it allows you to easily flip meats, vegetables and other foods without sticking or tearing. At 40cm x 50cm, it's large enough for cooking multiple items at once but still lightweight and flexible for easy storage. Its heat resistant design up to 500°F means it can handle high-heat grilling without warping or melting. Foods will release cleanly every time, leaving your grill grate spotless. Whether you're cooking with gas, charcoal or other heat sources, this mat provides a convenient barrier between food and flames. Its reusable nature means cost and waste savings versus disposable foil options. Keep this mat handy for mess-free grilling all summer long.

Product Measurements:
Length: 50cm
Width: 40cm

Product Features:
Pack of 2
Dishwasher Safe
Easy to clean with just soapy water
Temperature tolerant up to 260°C
Fully removable
Cut to size for easy fit