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ARISTON CREDA Dishwasher Cutlery Basket Genuine - with Detachable Handle

by Ariston
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ARISTON and CREDA Genuine Dishwasher Cutlery Basket (Grey)

Brand new genuine original replacement dishwasher cutlery basket for your Ariston or Creda dishwasher, complete with detachable handle and double side holders for teaspoons. 

Dimensions: Length 240 mm -- Height: 120mm (with Handle 235mm) -- Width 135 mm

Product Features:
Fully detachable handle
8 separate compartments
Double side holders for teaspoons

Fits models:
Will fit the vast majority of all full sized dishwashers including (but not limited to) the following models:


  • 101, 1400JET, 1401, 1402, 1416IGB, 1416IPGB, 612/57, A2080.2UK, A2080/1.1, A2080/1, A2080, A2080UK, AF200, AF250, AF300, AF300SS, AFA250, AFA300SSUK, AFA300UK, AFA350, AFA350X, AFA370X, AFA400, AFA400XUK, AS100, AS150, AS150X, 99TURBOJET, K-LS6UK, K/LS12UK, K/LS18UK, K/LS20ELUK, K/LS9, KLS12NUK, KLS45UK, KLS60UK, KLS61S.2BRUK, KLS61S.2IX, KLS61S.2UK, KLS61S.2WHUK, KLS61SBRUK, KLS61SUK, KLS61SWHUK, KLS61UK, KLS63ESUK, KLS63SBRUK, KLS63SUK, KLS63SWHUK, KLS9NUK, KLS9UK, LD20UK, LD87UK, LI45UK, LI620, LI62UK, LI680DUO, LI68DUOUK, LS1024NGB, LS1024UK, LS1044GB, LS1044NUK, LS1054GB, LS1054NGB(B), LS1054NGB(W), LS1064GB, LS1084NGB, LS1094GB, LS2020UK, LS2450UK, LS4510AUK, LS451, LS451UK, LS451UKNEW, LS453AUK, LS455UK, LS601UK, LS603UK, LS605UK, LS609UK, LS612GB, LS612STUK, LS615ST/1, LS615ST, LS615STEUK, LS66BKUK/1, LS801, LS814, LS815, LS816, LSI45/50UK, LSI61UK/1, LSI61UK, LSI68AAAUK, LSI68AUK, LST660UK, LST680EUK, LSV66BKUK, LSV66BRUK/1, LSV66IXUK/1, LSV66IXUK, LSV66RUKAN, LSV66RUKGN, LSV66UK, LSV66WHUK/1, LSV66WHUK, LV62BKUK, LV62BRUK, LV62IXUK, LV62WHUK, LV640ABK, LV640AWH, LV68DUOIXUK, LVO68DUOIXUK, MK4, S-LS66SUK, SF200

    IDI60, IDV60B, IDV60W