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Appliance Lifter Air Wedge Shim Levelling Shock Absorber Inflatable Stabiliser Bag

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Universal Inflatable Anti Vibration Appliance Lifting / Stabiliser Pad
Brand new, premium quality inflatable lifting / stabiliser pad. Ideal for lifting counter tops to install appliances, adjusting appliance feet & moving heavy furniture, these air wedges can lift loads of up to 150kg with ease. The high pressure seam welded bag acts as a second pair of hands when positioning & moving items, and help keep your fingers safe from trapping & crushing.
Height: 160mm
Width: 146mm
Tube Length: 23mm
Max Load: 150kg
Inflates from 2mm to 60mm for lifting, levelling and wedging
Ideal for DIY, automotive & household use
Can be inflated by hand or foot
Super slim profile for insertion into narrow gaps
Keep your fingers safe from trapping & crushing when installing heavy items
Air control valve maintains pressure & allows controlled release when deflating
High pressure seam welded inflation bag prevents leakage under heavy loads
Highly controllable positioning & levelling
Acts as a second pair of hands when positioning & moving items
Use two or more wedges to secure frames & fixtures
Valve sits sideways when flat, preventing accidental release
Simply pump the inflation ball to inflate bag. When done, release the air control valve