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Air Freshener Tabs Perfumed Scented Fresheners Smelly Trainers Shoes Boots x 10

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SHOE / TRAINER / BOOT Freshener Tabs (Pack of 10)

10 x Individually wrapped flower fresh-scented tab shoe fresheners. These handy freshener tabs are small enough to fit in any shoes, boots or trainers and will ensure your footwear is kept smelling fresh with fragrant scent.

Guidance for use:

Take one or more fresheners and drop into your shoes, boots or trainers to give a long-lasting flower fresh scent.

Individual TAB size: 30mm x 30mm

***These fresheners are suitable for use with a wide variety of different shoes, trainers, boots or other footwear and is small enough for use with various shapes and designs. The fresh fragrance from each tab is perfect for masking any unpleasant smells and also has many more useful applications... Please wash your hands thoroughly after use and always keep air fresheners away from children and animals.***