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Air Conditioning Vent Connector Kit (5" Extension Hose Adaptor + 45m Aluminium Foil Tape)

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Air Conditioning Vent Extension Kit (Hose Connector Ring + Aluminium Foil Tape)

Brand new, premium quality universal air conditioner vent hose extension kit with hose connector ring and aluminium foil tape. 
This kit enables you to securely join up to two vent hoses together, allowing you to extend the length of your air conditioner duct ventilation. Simply attach the connector ring to the end of the air conditioner vent hose(s) and secure with bundled aluminium tape - which also provides insulation, anti-condensation function, repels moisture and allows for hose repair and supportCan also be used to replace an existing damaged vent hose connection ring on your air conditioning duct outlet.

Kit Contains:
1 x 5" (127mm) Hose Connector Ring
1 x 50mm x 45 metre Aluminium Foil Tape Roll

Fits models:


Will fit all 5" / 127mm air conditioner vent hoses