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Activated Carbon Fridge Filter Set for MIELE KT KD KFN Series Air Clean

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Activated Carbon Fridge Filter Set for MIELE 7236280 K KD KFN Series Air Clean

Brand new, premium quality compatible replacement activated carbon filter odour filter for Miele Fridge Freezers ( Please check model list below for compatability )

Pack Contains:
2 x Activated carbon fridge filters

Product details:
Activated carbon filter for clean air in your fridge
Absorbs and binds unpleasant odours inside the refrigerator
For optimal, odourless storage of food
Replacement carbon filter, 2-piece
Recommended replacement: Approx. every 6 months

198mm Width
26mm Height
22mm Depth

Fits models:


K11820, K12420, K12421, K12620, K12820, K13820, K14820, K14824, K14827, K28202, K28463, K31542, K322, K322, K322, K322, K3222, K33322, K3332222, K33333222, K3332142, K3222, K32242, K32423, K32443, K32542, K33222, K33422, K33442, K34122, K34142, K34222, K34242, K34272, K342, K342, K342, K342, K342, K342, K342, K342, K342, K342, K382, K34423, K34442, K34443, K34472, K34473, K34482, K34483, K34542, K34543, K35222, K35272, K35282, K3542, K35472, K35473, K35483, K35543, K35563, K35582, K36483, K37222, K37242, K37252, K37272, K37282, K37422, K37422, K37422, K37422, K37422, K37422, K3742, K3742, K37442, K3. 7472, K37473, K37582, K37682, K37683, K5108, K5124, K5144, K9122, K9124, K9212, K9214, K9222, K9354 454, K9457, K9458, K9552, K9554, K9557, K9558, K9726, K9752, K9754, K9757, K9758, K9759, KD12312, KD12612 625, KD12813, KD12823, KD26022, KD26052, KD28032, KD28052, KDN12623, KDN12823, KDN37132, KDN37232, KF12823, KF12923, KF28032, KF29283, KF35532, KF36532, KF37122, KF37132, KF37272, KF37532, KF37533, KF37673, KF5148, KF9727, KF9757, KFN11923, KFN12823, KFN12923. KFN12924, KFN12943, KFN14823, KFN14827, KFN14842, KFN14923, KFN14927, KFN14943, KFN14947, KFN28032, KFN28132, KFN28133, KFN29032, KFN29042, KFN29132, KFN29133, KFN29233, KFN29243, KFN29283, KFN29483, KFN29683. KFN37282, KFN37432, KFN37452, KFN37682, KFN37692, KFN9758, KFNS37232, KFNS37432, KFNS37452, KFNS37682, KFNS37692, KS3742. KS37472, KT12410, KT12510, KTN14840

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.