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4 Bags for MIELE GN FILTERS S2111 S5211 S5261 C2 C3 CX1 Blizzard S8320 Cat & Dog

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Large Capacity High Filtration Dust Bags for MIELE Vacuum Cleaners (Pack of 4 + 2 Air Filters)

4 x Multi-layer high filtration dust bags, each with duct closure flap to ensure all dust stays in the bag. Large capacity bags for maximum inflation, filtration and dust capture. Complete with air filters to protect the vacuum motor and prevent dust escaping into your living area (***ideal for allergy sufferers***). A superb set of tried & tested, highly rated bags and filters  

Pack contains:

4 x Tear-resistant multi-layer microfibre bags
1 x Air Clean Filter
1 x Motor Filter



Complete C2 series
Complete C3 series
Blizzard CX1 series

S400,  S400I,  S401I,  S402I,  S408I, S412I,  S420I,  S421I,  S424I,  S434I,  S438I,  S438I2,  S440I,  S4441,  S444I, S448I,  S456I, 
S600,  S612, S624,  S626,  S634,  S636, S638, S644,  S646,  S648,  S658,  S812, S826,  S828,  S834,  S836,  S838, S844,  S846,  S848,  S849,  S858, S2110, S2111 Autumn Red, S5000,  S5111, S5121,  S5181,  S5210,  S5211, S5260,  S5261, S5280,
S5281, S5311, S5380,  S5411, S5510,  S5980,  S5981, S8310 Solution HEPA, S8320 Cat & Dog, S8330, S8340

S227i  Including All Models Up To  S282i

S400i  Including All Models Up To  S499i
S600i  Including All Models Up To  S699i
S800i  Including All Models Up To  S899i
S2000 Including All Models Up To  S2999
S5000 Including All Models Up To  S5999
S8000 Including All Models Up To  S8999

ALLERVAC SENSOR 5000 Complete SERIES Including Latest Model S5281
AUTOMATIC TT5000 Complete SERIES Including Latest Model  S5411
CAT & DOG TT5000 Complete SERIES  Including Latest Model S5261
SOLUTION HEPA 5000 Complete SERIES  Including Latest Models S5280 S5311
REVOLUTION 5000 Complete SERIES  Including Latest Models S5981 & S5981 Plus
S8320 Cat & Dog

This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brand(s) and is not the original part. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturer(s) have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer.


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