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3D Type FJM Bags for Miele C1 C2 S4000 S6000 S6210 S6220 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner (5 Bags + 2 Filters)

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FJM 3D Type Dust Bags for MIELE Vacuum Cleaner

Brand new, premium quality compatible dust bags for your Miele vacuum cleaner.

Pack Includes:
5 x Layered 3D Micro Filtration Dust Bags
1 x Dust Compartment Filter
1 x AirClean Filter

Product Features:
Longer lasting & higher performance compared to leading compatible bags
Fantastic filtration performance
Stunning efficiency even at low power settings
Eco friendly
Hygienic dust flap shutter to prevent dirt spills
3D sidefold & soft structure ensure instant inflation for maximum dust intake
Rubberised collar to remain fixed in place after bumps & jolts

Fits models:


S241 - S256i
S290 - S299
S300i - S399
S500 - S578
S4000 - S4999 (S4)
S6000 - S6999 including S6210 and S6220 Cat & Dog (S6)
S700 - S799
Compact C2
Compact C1
Complete C1
Cat & Dog (Excluding Cat & Dog 5000)
Solution & Solution Hepa (Excluding Solution Hepa 5000)
Xtra Power & Xtra Power 2300
Allervac & Allervac Sensor (Excluding Allervac Sensor 5000)
Automatic (Excluding Automatic 5000)
Revolution 500 & 700
Revolution Power Plus 700

Please note: this product is not manufactured by Miele, but it is designed to be compatible with Miele machines. The Miele name, model names and any part numbers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.