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2 x ZANUSSI Genuine Type 29 Charcoal Cooker Hood Carbon Filter Vent 195 x 35 mm

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ZANUSSI Genuine Type 29 Carbon Charcoal Cooker Hood Filter (Pack of 2)

2 x Brand new genuine original anti-odour vent extractor filters for your Zanussi cooker hood / kitchen vent extractor.

Diameter: 195mm
Depth: 35mm

Fits models:


ZHC600N, ZHC600W, ZHC600X, ZHC605X/GB, ZHC605X, ZHC60X, ZHC613N, ZHC613W, ZHC613X, ZHC615N, ZHC615W, ZHC615X, ZHC632X/S, ZHC634X, ZHC700X/GB, ZHC705X/GB, ZHC70X, ZHC721X, ZHC900N, ZHC900W, ZHC900X/A, ZHC900X, ZHC9015X, ZHC905X/GB, ZHC905X, ZHC90X, ZHC913N, ZHC913W, ZHC913X, ZHC9141X, ZHC915N, ZHC915W, ZHC915X/V, ZHC915X, ZHC922X, ZHC932X/S