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2 x EFF57 Type Carbon Charcoal Filter for ZANUSSI Cooker Hood Vent Extractor Fan

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Carbon Charcoal Filter for ZANUSSI Cooker Hoods (Pack of 2)

2 x Brand new carbon charcoal filters for your Zanussi cooker hood. Regular replacement of the carbon filter will guarantee your kitchen fresh air, free from cooking odours, and a more pleasant cooking environment. Changing the charcoal filter is recommended every 6 months, depending on the usage of the hood.

230 x 20 mm

Fits models:


ZHC604N, ZHC604W, ZHC604X, ZHC914X, ZHC917X3, ZHC920X, ZHC95ALU, ZHI280B, ZHI28OW, ZHI6005/GB, ZHI600S/GB, ZHI60111G, ZHI611GM, ZHI622G, ZHP612B, ZHP612N, ZHP612NX, ZHP612W, ZHP612WM, ZHT610B, ZHT610B/GB, ZHT610N, ZHT610N/GB, ZHT610W, ZHT610W/GB, ZHT610W4, ZHT610X, ZHT610X/GB, ZHT620B, ZHT620N, ZHT620W, ZHT630W, ZHT630X, ZHT650X/GB

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