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1/2" Part 2 Valve Low Pressure Side Entry Toilet Cistern Ballcock + 6" Ball Float Kit

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1/2" Low Pressure Part 2 Side Entry Toilet Cistern / Cold Water Systems Flush Valve + 6" Ball Float Kit

Kit Contains:
1 x 1/2" Low Pressure Part 2 Flush Valve (with 2 x Securing Nuts)
1 x 6" Plastic Ball Float (with Brass Thread)

Brand new, premium quality 1/2" Part 2 low pressure flush valve + 6" ball float kit for side entry toilet cisterns / cold water systems. This large fitting kit is ideal for use in bigger cisterns and helps to alleviate any water hammer / noise problems with it's increased weight and size from the standard 4 1/2" float commonly used - ensuring a stronger and more consistent flush.

Flush Valve Specifications:
Size: 1/2" BSP
Position: Side Entry
Standard: BS1212/2
Total Length: 300mm
Arm Length: 210mm
Arm Height: 85mm
Threaded Ball Mounting End: 5/16" British Standard Whitworth (BSW)
Material: Brass
Includes 2 x Securing Nuts
Rotatable ball float thread
Adjustable Arm
Suitable for domestic cold water systems

Ball Float Specifications:
Size: 6"
Thread: 5/16" British Standard Whitworth (BSW)
Ball Material: Plastic
Thread Material: Brass
Standard: BS 2456
Suitable for domestic cold water systems
Increased size and weight helps to alleviate water hammer / noise issues

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